Ruls & Regulations


  1. Uniform is compulsory except on Wednesday. The use of mobile phone in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  2. Attendance is compulsory during Unit tests, House tests, Teaching Practice, Seminars, and College Functions etc as notified from time to time. No leave will be granted except on exceptional grounds.
  3. During classes, movement within the building is restricted. No pupil teacher will cause any sort of damage to the movable or immovable property of the college.
  4. All the information which is to be given by the college to the students shall be displayed on the notice board which the students must see regularly.
  5. No early departures are permitted unless approved by the Class Incharge.
  6. Every student must have I-card, Library card and Bus-pass (if availing the transport facility) during the college hours.
  7. The students must observe the rules regarding the payment of dues and fines, library, leave etc. framed from time to time.
  8. In case a student is detected to be undertaking some remunerative job/employment, her admission will be cancelled and he/she shall have no claim on the college whatsoever.
  9. Character/Provisional certificate is issued to the students ordinarily on the completion of the course, after due enquiry from their teachers.