Master of Education – M.Ed. (Course intake-50) (Duration-2 years)
TheĀ Master of EducationĀ (M.Ed.) is a postgraduate academic master’s degree awarded by universities in a large number of countries. This degree in education often includes the following majors:
ā¦ Curriculum and instruction
ā¦ Counseling
ā¦ Administration.
It is often conferred for educators advancing in their field
Ā Ā  Bachelor of Education – B.Ed. (Course intake-200)(Duration-2 years)
Education is a rising sector and with rewarding and individual challenges you can pursue a career which requires you to educate and deal with students of different mind sets. If you love to interact and communicate and have a good patience level, education is the field you should think about.
The basic aim of a bachelors degree in education program is to give you the basics of teaching and profound knowledge of at least one area in education. You are made to understand concept of childā€™s development, professional development, etc.
An employment opportunity for this course has been increased tremendously due to introduction of Right to Education Act. So this course is in high demand.
Ā Ā  B.A. B.Ed./B.Sc.B.Ed.(Course intake -100) (Duration-4 years)
A Bachelor of Science/Arts Education is a degree awarded to students who complete the four year course of study in the field of science and Arts with major Educational courses. It is the combination of degrees in science/arts and education course (sometimes referred to double degree programs B.Sc/B.A. + B.Ed. = B.Sc.B.Ed./ B.A.B.Ed.). Even though B.Sc./B.A. and B.Ed. are notionally two degrees, these must be taken together. There are very few universities that offer this course because it requires collaboration between the Faculty/School of Science/Arts and that of Education, to ensure that the teacher not only can work in an education institution but also in an industrial area related to science and arts.
Ā  Diploma in Elementary Education-D.El.Ed. (Course intake-150)Ā (Duration-2 years)
The Diploma in Education programme provides professional training for teachers who hold a first degree and who are teaching at the Primary level. This programme is viewed as initial training, which sensitizes and orients teachers to the fundamentals of their profession.
The primary concern is with developing a professional approach to teaching, characterized by creativity, imagination and the pursuit of professional and personal development. The programme runs for one academic year, commencing in July and ending in May of the following year.
Employment opportunities for this course have been increased tremendously due to introduction of Right to Education Act. So this course is in high demand.