KMCE, being one of the most prestigious colleges in Haryana, offers one of the best D.EL. ED courses in Haryana. This course is specially designed for pupils who hold a degree in teaching but want to increase their skills and become better teachers. Our top-class faculty helps the student to sharpen their skillset and become proficient teachers. KMCE gives a wonderful chance to everyone to become a better teacher and teach the students of the future generation. Our dedicated faculty helps all the pupils to become the best in their profession and works tirelessly to help them reach their goals. We offer the best-in-class facilities and infrastructure to our students and make sure that they study in a safe and healthy environment. We have a dedicated placement cell that helps our students to find jobs in the most elite schools. All these factors make us the best D.EL. ED college in Haryana.

What Is A D.EL. ED Course?

  • D.EL. Ed, or Diploma in Elementary Education, is a two-year full-time diploma program for primary school teachers that can be completed by online learning or classroom instruction. The course is divided into four semesters, each of which prepares applicants to serve in primary/upper elementary schools in various states around the country. The D.EL. Ed program is structured in such a way that it involves both classroom teaching and internship and practical training. It also covers educational practices, child development principles, and the teacher’s role in child grooming.


  • Teachers with a first degree who teach at the primary level can enroll in the Diploma in Education program for professional development. This curriculum is intended to serve as beginning teacher education, informing and orienting instructors to the principles of their profession.


  • The main focus is on building a professional teaching method that emphasizes creativity, imagination, and the pursuit of professional and personal growth. The implementation of the Right to Education Act has greatly boosted employment options for this course. As a result, there is a lot of interest in this course.


  • This program is available to students who have finished their 10+2. It gives enrolled students the skills and information they need to communicate effectively with elementary or primary school kids. D.El. Ed students know how to make learning fun for kids and how to track their development. Individuals with a D.EL. ED can pursue a career as a teacher in any primary school or other children’s educational institution.


  • D.EL. ED applicants are given jobs in a variety of settings, including private and public schools, coaching centers, online educators, daycare centers, and more. For employment in government schools, state governments in India offer several entrance tests such as APTET, Bihar TET, and others.

What Is Scope Of A D.EL. ED Graduate?

  • A Handsome Salary

After completing your D.EL. ED course, you can earn a very handsome salary of around 200000- 500000 per annum. Your salary can increase over time as you gain more teaching experience. If you also have a teaching degree along with your D.EL. ED, then you will definitely have a really decent package and earn more. Salaries also vary from school to school and from region to region as you may earn really well if you get a job in a very prestigious school. So, after completing your D.EL. ED, you can be assured of earning a decent salary.

  • You Get Entitled To A Professional And Certified Teacher

With the completion of your D.EL. ED course, you become a certified teacher. It means that you have all the required skills and qualities to become a teacher and now you are eligible to handle your job. You can now teach primary classes in your respective subject


  • You Can Work In A Government School

After completing the D.EL. ED courses, candidates can take the CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test and find work as a primary school teacher in either a government or private school. To become a teacher in a government school, you must first clear an entrance test held by the state government such as Bihar TET, APTET, etc.


  • You Can Become A Online Tutor Or Content Creator

If you don’t want to teach in a government or private school, then you can become an educational content creator or a personal or online tutor. You can open your own coaching center and give tuition to students. You can also start online classes and teach students from all over the country. Apart from this, you can also become a freelancer or a private tutor and help the students who need your help. In case you don’t want to join the teaching sector, you can seek a job as a librarian, daycare helper or work in a nursery. All these job opportunities provide excellent employment options to D.EL. ED graduates and give them a chance to earn a decent amount of money.

Fees of D.EL. ED Course At KMCE

We at KMCE, believe in providing top-quality education to our students for a very affordable fee. The per-year fee of our D.EL. ED course is 25800 and the period of our course is 2 years. In addition to this amount, we also take examination fees from our students for their exams. However, early applicants can also receive a great concession on their fee. Our institute is one of the most prestigious as well as affordable colleges all over Haryana.


Choosing the D.EL. ED program at KMCE provides various advantages. We are regarded as one of Haryana’s premier D.EL. ED institutions and our result history speak for themselves. At KMCE, we make every effort to provide our students with the greatest possible facilities. All these factors make us one of the best D.EL. ED colleges in Haryana. Our faculty, we feel, is our greatest asset and the driving force behind our success. Our D.EL. ED professors are experts in their fields and can provide students with comprehensive advice. Our world-class infrastructure distinguishes us from the other institutions. Our D.EL.ED. course costs are likewise very low and economical. Our college shines in co-curricular and athletic activities in addition to academics. Due to all the benefits we provide, KMCE is often referred to as one of the most elite institutes in Haryana. If you want to avail all these advantages and get a quality education, then you must definitely enroll in KMCE.

Salient Features Of KMCE

KMCE is one of the finest D.EL. ED college in Haryana, and there are several benefits to studying here. We give first-rate facilities to our kids and ensure that they receive nothing but the finest. The following are some of the advantages of becoming a part of our distinguished Kirorimal college family:

  • Top Class Infrastructure

We provide top-of-the-line, best-in-class infrastructure and amenities at KMCE. We have fresh new facilities, high-quality furnishings, and labs that are well-equipped. Our library is unique in our community, and it provides our students with the greatest literature for their studies. We also have a well-equipped and well-ventilated multipurpose hall that is used for a variety of activities, including cultural events, contests, and morning assembly.

  • Excellent Library

Our college features a state-of-the-art library that is well-organized and cataloged. A library is a crucial aspect of a college and plays a critical role in a student’s education. The KMCE campus has a fully automated and digital library where students may use their library cards to conveniently issue books. Our library’s books are always sorted and cataloged according to different subjects. The KMCE library offers a variety of membership options for various types of students, ensuring that they have no difficulties with their studies.

  • Extra Co-Curricular Activities

Apart from schooling, KMCE places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities. We have a great cricket pitch, basket court, badminton court, and athletic track. We also offer an indoor multipurpose hall with all of the necessary sports equipment. We also host cultural activities, debating competitions, and yearly celebrations at KMCE to help our students develop social skills. These activities bring out the best in every student, and many of our students have represented us well by winning a variety of sports and cultural competitions.

  • Well-Versed And Spacious Hallways And Labs

There are various rooms and labs on the KMCE campus that are used for a variety of purposes, including arranging events, lectures, and conducting assemblies. A well-ventilated and large language lab, a psychology resource center, an ICET resource center, an art and craft resource center, a science and mathematics resource center, and a separate seminar room are all available. All of these facilities are extremely beneficial to students since they allow them to freely perform experiments, work on projects, and have access to sufficient resources. Students can visit these laboratories at any time and carry out their preferred experiments under the supervision of their lecturers or lab personnel.

  • Faculty Of The Finest Quality

The best-in-class faculty is available at KMCE. Our lecturers are all specialists in their field and provide our students with the most up-to-date information. Our professors are committed to bringing out the best in each student and assisting them in reaching their full potential. Our pupils have succeeded in academics under the mentoring and guidance of our expert professors, and we have a track record of 100% success. The staff at KMCE is the main cause for our student’s success, and they help to make our institution one of Haryana’s best D.EL. Ed colleges.

  • The Best Placement For Our Students

We also provide good placement opportunities for students at KMCE, Sonipat. Our placement department has ties with some of the leading schools in Sonipat, Delhi, and the NCR.

  • Classrooms That Are Well-Equipped

KMCE has adequate furniture and furnishings in all of its classrooms. We not only offer high-quality furniture, but we also employ cutting-edge teaching tools like projectors and computers. In addition, there is enough lighting in the classrooms, and all of the seats are in excellent shape.

  • Campus Is Lush And Green

We provide a lush green campus surrounded by nature at Kirorimal College. KMCE is a institution located on Baghpat Road in Sonipat and our campus is positioned away from the bustling city life, providing a tranquil and great atmosphere for students. Because it is located outside of the city, the college campus is free of pollution and provides a highly secure atmosphere for students. The institution is perfectly situated in the middle of nature, and all of these aspects contribute to the college campus being a highly safe environment for students.

  • Full Access To All Essential Amenities

Our institution has all of the necessities, such as a large parking lot, safe drinking water, food, sanitation, and transportation. We also provide transportation to students in Delhi, Sonipat, and the surrounding areas. The KMCE campus also boasts a canteen that serves tasty, freshly prepared cuisine to students of all ages. We also have a medical area where we can provide first-aid in the event of an emergency, as well as sufficient sanitation and safe drinking water.

  • The Campus Is Ragging-Free

We are delighted to say that our campus is ragging-free and that we have zero tolerance for such behavior. We have successfully maintained a healthy and safe environment for kids over the course of our fourteen-year existence because we place a high focus on solid moral values and discipline. We also need students and their parents to sign a written promise that their ward will not engage in any such behavior and will notify the college authorities if he becomes aware of a victim of such behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact KMCE?

You can connect with the college authorities either by contacting the college office over the internet or by visiting the campus itself. You may also contact the college administration via their social media accounts, email address, or WhatsApp number. All of this information is available on the Kirorimal College website. You may also use this phone number 9050750002 to contact or WhatsApp them with any questions, or you can just write them an email at their email address is kmce22@gmail.com 


Why should I opt to study at KMCE?

KMCE is one of Haryana’s best D.EL. ED institutions. We have a fantastic faculty that supports students throughout their studies and helps them achieve high marks. At KMCE, we strive to deliver the finest possible service to our students, thus we provide them with first-rate facilities and infrastructure. We can provide you with a D.ED. ED education at a very low cost. Apart from academics, we encourage our pupils to participate in extracurricular and sporting activities as well.


Why should I enroll in the D.EL. ED program?

D.EL. ED course is specially designed to help aspiring teachers gain all the required skills to become a better teacher. This course helps a student to sharpen their skills and become a proficient teacher. After you complete your D.EL. ED, there are a lot of job opportunities for you that will enable you to earn a decent amount of money. KMCE is one of the best D.EL. ED colleges in Haryana and provides a great opportunity for students to pursue this course.


What is the salary of a D.EL. ED graduate?

A D.EL. ED graduates earn fairly well and can anywhere between 200000- 500000 per year. Your salary package depends upon your working experience and the school you are working in. As you gain more teaching experience, your salary will increase over time. If you get a job in an elite school, then your salary will be really high. You can also earn additional income if you also give private tuition classes to students or work as a personal tutor.


Will KMCE help me in getting placed after I complete my D.EL. ED course?

Yes, we will assist you in finding a job once you have completed your D.EL.ED. degree. Our placement department has ties to some of the leading schools in Sonipat, Delhi, and the NCR. After graduation, you have the opportunity to work at some of the most prominent schools in Delhi and the surrounding areas for a respectable salary. These institutions not only pay well, but they also provide you the opportunity to educate some of the best kids in the country. Hence, you can be assured of getting a good placement.


What is the scope after D.EL. ED?

You can pursue a lot of career opportunities upon the completion of your D.EL. ED course. After you complete your course, you can become a certified teacher in a private or a government school. In order to become a teacher in a government school, you need to clear the CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test organized by the state government. Apart from working as a teacher, you can also become a personal tutor or an academic content writer. In case you don’t want to pursue a job in teaching, you can also work as a librarian or work in a daycare or a nursery. There are a lot of wonderful job opportunities after your D.EL. ED course and this course has recently grown in demand due to the Right of Education Act of the government.

The objective of this college is:-

  • Preparing the ideal teacher for the community.
  • Understand the ocean of knowledge and remove the cloud of ignorance.
  • To achieve universal values ​​such as honesty, cooperation, hard work, thoroughness, etc.
  • Development of scientific and democratic perspectives among student teachers.
  • To inform student-teachers about environmental problems.
  • Promote a stimulating research environment for teachers.
  • Cultivating moral values ​​among student-teachers.
  • Development of national and international understanding among teacher students.

The vision of this institute is:-

  • This institution is committed to providing high-quality and valuable primary education to society and strives to gain worldwide recognition.
  • Develop the necessary skills in a teacher who has a desire to learn throughout his life.
  • We are determined to combine teacher training with human and spiritual values.

Education is a partnership between schools, parents, administration, and the community. Success is always achieved when we all work together as a team. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Every student is unique in learning. Effective teachers create opportunities for students in their real-life situations. 

We are proud of our college. We want our students to be proud of their college and the various aspects of their development. Students are expected to improve the image of the university through their behavior in society.

The college has achieved tremendous success over the past 14 years. It is said that victory belongs to those who work hard and stay with those who were not complacent in the past. The college strives to create an independent intellectual, social, moral, spiritual, and physical environment to encourage students to develop their academic and holistic development potential.

We believe that the overall development of students into fully human beings also requires the active participation of parents. In this way, the facility is constantly in touch with parents, who inform them of their environmental presentations through correspondence and dialogue.

The admission process to Kirori Mal College 2021:-

Admission to Kirori Mal College is based on performance or the DUET entrance exam. Applicants for the UG study program are selected based on performance, while the selection for the PG program is carried out after an entrance test.

How to apply for Kirori mal college?

The following steps will help you implement:

  • Visit the university’s official website.
  • Enter the required identification information and complete the registration process.
  • Then select the recipient portal.
  • Click the “Apply Now” button and choose the program you want.
  • Enter academic and personal details and make sure all details are filled out correctly.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Pay the registration fee online.
  • Please keep a copy of the application form for future reference.

Kirori Mal College facilities:-

Hostel: Kirori Mal College has facilities for boys for 170 students. There are 89 rooms with an intercom. Admission to dormitories is based on the student’s performance in various courses. To be admitted to the hostel, applicants must contact the boarding office. Students whose parents do not live in Delhi are entitled to boarding.

Libraries: Colleges have libraries with a capacity of 150 people each. Libraries include print collections, public collections, reference collections, textbook collections, banks for books, magazines, and journals, electronic resources. The library has a printed collection of 1.50 varnishes, subscribed to 15 magazines and 38 magazines.

Libraries play an essential role in an educational institution. It is an essential key element and dynamic tool in promoting academic research. The institution has fully automated digital libraries with the internet. This library is quite complete with the latest books. There are 11472 books in stock. He subscribes to various educational magazines. The books are neatly classified, cataloged, and systematically organized for users. The research and reference sections are well stocked.

The library has an open shelving system where staff and students can view books and make their own choices. M.Ed. a student receives four books at a time. An undergraduate student receives two books at once for 14 days.

Highly qualified and experienced librarians run the library:

Sports: The campus has excellent sports facilities and a high school. The college has participated in national, international, All India Inter-University, Delhi University Inter College, national and international championships. The college offers athletes boxing, chess, cricket, table tennis, and taekwondo.

Faculty: Kirori Mal College’s faculty is made up of highly qualified professionals in their fields. The majority of lecturers are doctoral students.

It also provides facilities like:-

  • Qualified and experienced lecturers.
  • Classrooms are equipped with the latest teaching aids such as OHP and LCD projectors.
  • Together with the curriculum, competitive exams are prepared, namely CTET & HTET
  • Accommodation cages are accompanied by reputable professionals who provide student accommodation as per RTE law.
  • Workshops and seminars for students who are informed about innovations and problems in the field of education.
  • Laboratory and workshop with the latest equipment.
  • Fully equipped seminar room.
  • Excellent facilities for outdoor and indoor entertainment.
  • Language laboratory with the newest equipment.
  • Computer library with bank books.
  • Strategically located campus in Delhi-NCR.
  • Apprenticeship training with the latest methodology.


The dining area is located on the college campus and offers hygienically prepared meals, snacks, and drinks for every taste.

Transport device:-

There are many transportation options for staff and students. The college offers bus tickets at a meager price than the college.

Health care center:-

Colleges have first aid cameras for students and emergency staff.

Playing and sports facilities:-

Sports activities are critical. Our students regularly take part in all sporting competitions and bring victories to the institution and for themselves. Our sports complex is a marvel in itself and has a cricket ground, basketball court, badminton court, and athletics track. Additional facilities include an indoor sports complex, which is equipped with sports equipment. 

The atmosphere and environment of the institution are favorable for athletic personality development and sporting activities. Apart from sports, our students participate in various other activities, such as B. organizing farewells with new parties, debates, and many other competitions.

Extracurricular activities:-

In its annual function, this institution organizes various competitions. Students are motivated and encouraged to take part in festivals and competitions from multiple institutions. Our students often win awards at university youth festivals and other competitions.

Scholarships at Kirori Mal College:-

Kirori Mal College offers scholarships for students who fall into the reservation category and come from poor economic situations. Scholarships include Post-Matric Scholarships and the National Loan Scholarship Scheme.

Post-Matric Scholarship – This scholarship is for students who fall into the reservation category.

National Loan Scholarship Scheme – Applicants must receive more than 60% of the total value eligible for this scholarship.

Colleges provide financial services to poor students. Services include admission fees, student aid funds, state government free ships.

Placement provided by Kirori Mal College:-

Various companies came to Kirori Mal College to hire students. Kirori Mal College has an active accommodation cell that works consistently to find the best job opportunities for applicants. One hundred students took part in the housing campaign, and 80 students were selected as leading companies.

In addition to internships, there are several memberships and scholarships offered by PwC and Mazars. The highest salary package offered by Atom is priced at INR 30 LPA, and the average CTC has increased from INR 5.11 LPA to INR 7.01 LPA. In the list of M.Ed colleges in Haryana Kirori, Mall College ranks the best.


1- How is Kirori Mal College?

The elections are the first thing you will notice in college. On the day of admittance, you will discover followers of presidential candidates helping you in your vote-gathering efforts. If you want to have some tranquility in your college life, I advise you to avoid the elections.

After admissions, you’ll return to the campus for orientation. The societies will begin accepting applications in a few days. Make an effort to participate in at least one. Try to get into the hostel, as residential students have an advantage over day scholars.

The atmosphere at KMC is overall relaxed. Teachers are great, and there is a wide range of possibilities. The crowd is one of the best aspects of Kirori Mal College.

2- What is Kirori Mal College like for girls?

KMC is a shared DU college that takes advantage of its location in the heart of the North Campus. It is one of the best colleges. There are no dormitories for girls other than it’s the same for boys and girls. You’ll find fewer girls in physics, math, and other fields. But it is the best among many other DU colleges. The environment at KMC is no slouch, like all colleges with DU. Adults are very kind, humble, and always ready to help, but some people may have different ideas.

Everything was terrific, from the scientists to the availability of the necessary facilities, except for the lack of girls’ dorms. Otherwise, this is an excellent college for both boys and girls.

3- What are the facilities provided by Kirori Mal College?

Kirori Mal College facilities, libraries, sports and high schools, living rooms, canteens, dormitories, seminar rooms, medical facilities, laboratories, college magazines, and more.

4- Is there a 01% relaxation for female candidates admission at Kirori Mal College?

No, Kirori Mal College does not offer a 1 percent reduction from the exclusion rate for single children or female candidates. Female applicants must meet the requirements of exactly or above the grades approved by the university

5- Which college is better for statistics honors, KMC, or SVC?

SVC is much better than KMC for stats. SVC is friendlier than the first visit. The teachers are very supportive and supportive and helpful long before they enter the classroom.

The difference can’t just be described in which university has better faculties. Teachers in different institutions teach the same thing according to the curriculum. But what makes the difference is the teacher’s willingness to help outside the classroom. And here, SVC wins against KMC.

6- Why choose Kirori Mal College?

KMC is one of the best institutions. The college offers excellent scientists with outstanding facilities. Students enjoy learning in all comforts—high placement notes. The best companies go to colleges to hire students. The highest average salary is 19 LPA, and the average minimum wage is 4.6 LPA. In general, colleges are the best choice for selection and education.

Over to you:-

Kirori Mal College is a renowned and prestigious institution founded in 1954. This DU college is a great place to study, accredited by NAAC with an “A++” rating and a good NIRF rating. The audience from Kirori Mal College was great. The campus has students from various states. 

This campus has quite several talented students. Not here. Community colleges are associated with multiple fields, which are managed with great students and wholly managed and managed by students.