Best B.ED. College in Sonipat, Haryana

At KMCE, we offer one of the best B.ED. courses. We have a history of 100 percent success in the field of B.ED. and are considered as one of the top B.ED. colleges in Haryana. Our B.ED. The course is specially crafted for students who aspire to be great teachers in the future. Our faculty integrates all their efforts to bring out the best in every student and helps them to reach their goals. KMCE is a top-class college that offers a great opportunity to students to fulfill their dream of becoming a teacher. We offer one of the best B.ED. courses in Haryana and also help our students in getting placement in some of the prestigious schools. Our college also ranks very amongst the best NCTE Approved B.ED. colleges in Haryana.

What Is A B. ED. Course?

  • A Bachelor of Education or a B.Ed. is an undergraduate professional degree that trains students to work in schools as teachers. It may also be complemented by or followed by examinations for teacher licenses or certificates in some places.
  • The National Council for Teacher Education is the regulatory organization in India that oversees teacher education programs. According to NCTE Regulations, 2019, the course will last four years starting in session 2020-21. This four-year (formerly two-year) training program for secondary school teachers is accessible to intermediates and focuses on the concepts and methods of teaching, resulting in the Bachelor of Teaching (B.T.) degree, which was later renamed Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.).
  • Teaching at the secondary (classes 6 to 10) and higher secondary (10+2 or classes 11 and 12) levels requires a B.Ed. Intermediate (10+2) is the minimum requirement for admission to a B.Ed. program. Students who complete their B.Ed. can pursue a Master of Education at any teacher-training facility or Indian university that offers this particular program.
  • The RTE Act 2009 (Right to Free and Compulsory Education for Children) went into effect in April 2010. The act highlights the need for a good education for all children. As a result, in order to provide excellent education in schools, the entrance level percentage to B.Ed. must be 50 for General Category applicants and 45 for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes candidates.
  • The Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) is a two-year integrated professional degree program for students who have completed their secondary school education. The B.El.Ed. program combines subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical expertise, and communication skills.

Career options after doing B.ED

  • Certified Teacher

    After completing your B.ED., you are considered a skilled and quality teacher. If you have graduated in any field and also hold a B.ED. degree, then you are eligible to teach up to 8th standard and in case you are a postgraduate, you can also teach senior classes. The subjects you will teach depends upon the subjects in your graduation. If you have graduated from, then you will be eligible to teach business, economics and subjects related to your degree.

  • You can become a personal tutor

    In case you don’t want to teach in schools, you can also open your private teaching institute or tuition center. You can also become a personal tutor and give private tuition to students. After completing your B.ED. degree, you can start your own tuition center and give classes in the subject in which you excel. It is a good alternative to teaching in schools as you not only get to teach students but also get an additional source of income.

  • You can earn a decent salary

    A B.ED. graduates can earn a fair initial salary of around 3-4 lakhs per annum. It is important to know that salary packages vary from school to school as some of the best schools offer a very handsome salary to their teachers. Also, as you gain teaching experience over time, your salary is likely to increase and you may also be promoted to the head of the department of your field. In conclusion, you are likely to earn a decent salary after your B.ED. and you can earn even more as you gain experience or get a job in a prestigious school.

Why Should You Opt For B.Ed. At KMCE?

Opting for the B.ED. The course at KMCE has numerous benefits. We are considered as one of the best B.ED. colleges in Haryana. Our top-class infrastructure makes us stand out from the rest of the colleges. At KMCE, we always make sure that we offer only the best facilities to our students. We believe that our faculty is our biggest pride and they are the main reason behind our success. Our B.ED. faculty are experts in their respective subjects and offer complete guidance to students. The fees of our B.ED. the course is also very nominal and affordable. Apart from academics, our college also excels in co-curricular and sports activities. All these factors make us one of the best colleges on the list of B.ED. colleges in Haryana.


What Is The Fees Of B.ED. Course In KMCE?

The fees for B.ED. course at KMCE is very nominal and affordable for every student. The duration of the whole course is two years and the fees for each year is just 48,400. Students can pay their fees through different modes as per their convenience. We offer our B.ED. course for a very low fee which is just the same as what a government college would charge. B.ED. fees in a government college in Haryana can range anywhere between 20000-50000 rupees.

Advantages Of Studying At KMCE

KMCE is one of the top B. ED. colleges in Haryana and studying here has a lot of advantages. We provide top-class facilities to our students and make sure that we offer nothing but the best to our students. Some of the benefits of being a member of our prestigious Kirorimal college of Education family are:

Lush green campus

We offer a lush green campus that is full of nature all around the Kirorimal college. KMCE is a B. ED. college in Haryana that is located on Baghpat Road in Sonipat, our campus is far from the hustle-bustle of the city life and offers a peaceful and excellent environment for the students. And being located away from the city, the college campus is also free from all types of pollution and offers a very safe environment for students. The college is ideally located in the lap of nature and all these factors make the college campus a very safe place for students.

Apart from education, KMCE gives immense importance to extra co-curricular activities as well. We have a top-quality cricket ground, basket court, badminton court and an excellent athletic track. We also have an indoor multipurpose hall that is fully equipped for all types of sports. At KMCE, we also organize various cultural programs, debate competitions and annual functions to instill social skills in our students. These events bring out the best in every student and many of our students have made us proud by winning various sports and cultural events.

Extra co-curricular activities

The best placement for our students

We also offer excellent placements for students studying at KMCE, Sonipat. Our placement cell has tie-ups with some of the best schools in Sonipat, Delhi and the neighboring NCR areas.

All the classrooms at KMCE have proper furniture and furnishings. Not only do we have top-quality furniture, but we also use modern teaching techniques such as projectors and laptops. There is also ample lighting in classrooms and all the benches are in mint condition.

Well-furnished classrooms

Top-Class Faculty

KMCE offers you the best-in-class faculty. All our teachers are experts in their respective fields and offer complete expertise to our students. Our faculty is dedicated to bringing the best in each student and helping them in going beyond their potential. Under the mentorship and guidance of our skilled teachers, our students have excelled in academics and we have a history of hundred percent results. The faculty at KMCE is the real reason for the success of our students and makes our college one of the top B. ED. colleges in Haryana.

Our campus has all the basic facilities such as a spacious parking lot, access to safe water, food, sanitation, transportation, etc. We also offer transportation facilities to students living in Delhi, Sonipat and the neighboring areas. KMCE campus also has a canteen that offers freshly prepared delicious food and caters to all types of tastes. We also have a medical room to give first-aid in case of an emergency and also provide access to proper sanitation facilities and safe drinking water.

Access to all the basic facilities

Ragging free campus

We are proud to tell you that we are a ragging-free campus and have zero tolerance for any such activity. In the fourteen years of our existence, we have successfully maintained a healthy and safe environment for students as we give our top-most priority to good moral values and discipline. We also take a written undertaking from students as well as their parents that their ward will not indulge in any such practice and inform the college authorities if he is aware of a victim of any such victim.

Our college has a very well-organized and cataloged state-of-the-art library. A library is an integral part of a college and plays a very important role in a student’s learning process. The KMCE campus offers a fully automated and digital library where students can come and easily issue books using their library cards. We always keep the books in our library organized and cataloged according to different subjects. The KMCE library has different membership plans for all types of students that ensures that students face no problems in their studies.

Well-Versed library

Spacious and well-maintained halls and labs

The KMCE campus has several halls and labs that serve a number of purposes such as organizing events, seminars and conducting assemblies. We also have a well-ventilated and spacious language lab, psychology resource center, ICET resource center, art and craft resource center, science and mathematics resource center and a separate seminar room. All these facilities are really useful for students as they can freely conduct their experiments, work on their projects and have access to adequate resources. Students can access these labs at any time under the supervision of their teachers or lab technicians and carry out their desired experiments and projects. These facilities make us one of the top colleges in the list of B.ED. colleges in Haryana.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Kirorimal College?

You can contact the college by either visiting the college campus in person or you can simply contact the college administration online. You can also reach out to the college administration using their social media handles, email or WhatsApp number. You can find all these details on the website of Kirorimal College. You can also call or WhatsApp them your any query using this phone number 9050750002 or you can just send them an email. Their email address is

What is the scope of B.ED.?

After completing your B.Ed., you will have a lot of opportunities to work in both private and public schools and earn a high income. The remuneration is determined by the position you have at the institution. If you are financially secure and have the necessary qualifications to manage a school, you can establish your own. You can start by opening a small school. Banks also provide funding for the establishment of new schools. you can even start your own tuition center and become a private tutor.
Candidates that are interested in furthering their education in this subject can do so. After completing a B.Ed., students can pursue a Master of Education (M.Ed.), which is a postgraduate more specialized study. After completing your M.Ed., you can pursue a Ph.D. program.

Why should I choose B.ED.?

Teaching is one of the most esteemed professions in the world because it plays such an important part in the lives of students. Teachers are in high demand in both the public and private sectors. You’ll be able to work in secondary and upper secondary schools after completing your B.Ed. You will be assigned a teaching position as a permanent, temporary, part-time, or full-time teacher after completing your B.Ed., depending upon your interests. You can work in schools, education departments, coaching centers, education consultancies, home and private tuitions, and other places with a B.Ed. degree. You can establish your own coaching institutes where you can give tuition to students in addition to teaching in schools. this will be a way that will you to polish and enhance your teaching skills.

Will KMCE help me with placement after I complete my B.ED. graduation?

Yes, we will help you with your placement after you complete your B.ED. degree from KMCE. Our placement cell has links with the best schools in Sonipat, Delhi and NCR area. You get a chance to get a job in some of the most prestigious schools in Delhi and neighboring areas for a decent package just after completing your graduation. These schools not only offer a very handsome salary but you also get a chance to teach some of the most elite students.

What is the salary of a B.ED. graduate?

A B.ED. graduate can easily earn a starting salary of 3-4 lakhs per annum as this is the average salary of teachers in India. However, your salary will definitely increase after you gain some experience in the field of teaching. As your years of service increase over time, you may also be promoted to the head of the department of your respective field.

Why should I choose to study at KMCE?

KMCE is one of the top B.ED. colleges in Haryana. We have an outstanding faculty that helps students throughout their course and helps them to secure excellent grades. At KMCE, we aim to serve the best to our students and hence provide them with top-class facilities and infrastructure. We offer your B.ED course for a very affordable fee. Apart from academics, we also promote extra-curricular and sports activities among our students.

Can I do anything apart from teaching in schools after completing my B.ED?

A B.ED. graduate can easily earn a starting salary of 3-4 lakhs per annum as this is the average salary of teachers in India. However, your salary will definitely increase after you gain some experience in the field of teaching. As your years of service increase over time, you may also be promoted to the head of the department of your respective field.