Multipurpose Hall- Well furnished and well equipped

The college has a well furnished, ventilated multipurpose hall which is used for morning assembly, holding functions, examination of the college. It is also used for Various Competitions & Special lectures, Workshop, Seminar, Talks, Conferences, and Guest Lectures. It is used by teachers to take special classes involving use of special electronic equipment. Also used for the organization of functions like talent hunt, various celebrations and other small functions. Apart from that, inter-house competitions are also organized in this hall.

   Seminar Room

College has a Seminar room used for the organization of seminars, workshops, presentations and various curricular activities.

   Class Room

All the classrooms are well ventilated and airy, well lighted and fitted with electric tubes/CFL, ceiling fans and electric extension connection. The classrooms will be equipped with modern technologies like LCD/OHP projectors and computer system. Classrooms of the college are constructed in such a way that all the latest technologies can be used as per to the requirements and needs.

   ET Resource Centre

   Language Lab

A modern, well equipped and well furnished Language Lab is available in the institution.

   Psychological Resource Centre

The Psychology resource centre fulfils the need to perform a variety of psychology experiments. It contains a rich stock of different individual and group tests.

   Library- Fully Digital and open access facility

The college library is automated. Activities like return of books, stock entries and stock verification are digitalized and operated through software. The college library is computerized and has internet facility for both students as well as teachers. Library has a book bank. New arrivals are displayed on a rack. Library has photocopy facility for students.
It has 11,472 books, 22 Encyclopaedia and 25 Journal

   ICET Resource Centre

The college has a fully furnished computer laboratory with latest technology. Computers and internet facility having access on each system. All the student of the college is permitted to use the computer laboratory during working hours of the college and assistance is provided to those students who need it. Basic of computer, MS Office , Internet Operation, working on network etc. are the areas in which student take active and keen interest

   Art & Craft Resource Centre

Various Co-curricular related to Art & craft work organized in this resource centre

   Science & Mathematics Resource Centre

The Science & Mathematics resource centre contains equipment and other material. Students and teachers use this resource centre to conduct various experiments


  1. The college has enough functional and appropriate furniture in number for instructions and other purpose.
  2. The institute provides separate common rooms for male and female teacher educators/students-teachers.
  3. Sufficient number of toilet (separate for male and female) are made available for staff and students.
  4. Arrangement is made for parking of vehicles.
  5. Safe drinking water is provided in the institute.
  6. Effective arrangement is made for regular cleaning of campus, water and toilet facilities, repair and replacement of furniture and other equipment.